A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, they make a family.

About Bailey and Friends

Tom Golisano and his family are the founders of Bailey and Friends, a component of the Golisano Foundation. The family’s affinity for dogs began when rescue dog, Bailey, came into their lives. She became an immediate companion, exuding unconditional love and staying faithfully by their sides at all times.  As the relationship began to grow, the family started to question with a laugh “who rescued whom”?  Over the years, Tom and his family have rescued many dogs and now plan to put their joyful experience and philanthropic spirit to work in the animal welfare field.

Bailey and Friends strives to support and build capacity of caring, competent providers and organizations, create opportunities that strengthen the importance of the human-animal bond in personal, occupational, and therapeutic capacities, and promote responsible, loving pet-ownership.



Bailey and Friends is dedicated to supporting animal welfare in Western NY, Region 1 and SW Florida, Region 9 (see map). With a focus on dogs and cats, Bailey and Friends is committed to working with shelters, rescue groups, veterinary clinics and other lifesaving programs to promote wellness, ensure safety and keep pets and families together. 

At the heart of Bailey and Friends, we strive to make a positive difference in the care of dogs and cats because we recognize and cherish the bond that exists between animals and humans in personal, occupational, and therapeutic capacities.


Compassion – animals are treated with compassion and respect throughout their entire lives.

Quality Care – animal shelters and clinics, and lifesaving programs have access to optimal and ethical care procedures, supplies, and flexible options.

High Performance – Funded projects hold significant promise for moving the impact needle in a meaningful and measurable way towards achieving a No-Kill future and ensuring optimal treatment and care by responsible pet owners; agencies demonstrate sound fiscal and management practices.

Proactive, High Engagement Philanthropy – Working with a broad array of community partners, increase opportunities for collaboration to improve the service system by connecting stakeholders, sparking innovative ideas and demonstrating best practices for pet care.