"From a fiscal perspective, I would consider myself to be most conservative. On other issues I'm fairly moderate. It's very hard to put me under a label. I think I try to make objective decisions based on the issue."

NY Independence Party
Tom Golisano founded the Independence Party in New York State with Gordon Black, PhD and Laureen Oliver. It acquired ballot status in 1995.

New York State Governor’s Race
Tom Golisano ran as the Independence Party candidate for Governor of New York State in 1994, 1998 and 2002.

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National Popular Vote
In 2011, Mr. Golisano became the national spokesperson and major contributor to the National Popular Vote initiative, a movement that would guarantee the presidency of the United States to the candidate who gains the majority of popular votes across the country. National Popular Vote Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose specific purpose is to study, analyze and educate the public regarding its proposal to implement a nationwide popular election of the President of the United States.

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Responsible NY
In July 2008, Mr. Golisano established Responsible New York, which was organized around a core set of values, beliefs and principles that are essential to guiding true political reform in the State of New York. Its quest was to create a political movement to return Albany to its rightful owners – the tax payers. It pledged to help create an organization with no personal agendas, other than to give a voice to all New Yorkers – Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents from cities, suburbs and rural areas both upstate and downstate. Responsible New York endorsed candidates in the New York State Senate and Assembly. Candidates were chosen in a non-partisan manner and only for their commitment and their ability to support Responsible New York, removing Albany from the grips of special interest and returning our government to the people who support it. And to truly change Albany it also endorsed and supported candidates for Congress who will work to put people first.

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