A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, make a family.


I am unsure if my project/program will qualify.

  • Bailey and Friends is happy to answer any questions you have about a potential project or program. As a matter of fact, we prefer you call for clarification before starting the application process. Also, you can check out Grantseekers by clicking the tab to the left. If you still have questions you are welcomed to call Bailey and Friends at 585-332-1838.

My organization is outside of Western NY or Southwest Florida, can I still apply?

  • Unfortunately, Bailey and Friends does not accept applications outside of our geographic target region. We will only accept applications from Western NY (Region 1) and Southwest Florida (Region 9). Click here for a map of our geographic target area.

My organization cares for and provides services to other animals, not just cats and dogs. Can we still apply?

  • Yes, however the application’s target population or target animal must be kittens, cats, puppies, or dogs. We suggest that you call Bailey and Friends at 585-332-1838 to discuss your application prior to submitting.

We started a draft application earlier in the year. Can we pick up where we left off and still use this application?

  • Yes, you may continue with the application for the upcoming grant cycle. However, prior to doing this, please call Bailey and Friends at 585-332-1838.

We started an application but have missed the deadline. Can we still apply?

  • Under certain circumstances, Bailey and Friends will consider allowing applications to be completed after the application deadline has passed. However, these are limited situations and require a conversation with Bailey and Friends staff. If the deadline has passed and you have not finished your application, please call Bailey and Friends at 585-332-1838.

The account is under a former employee’s name. What do I do?

  • This is a common problem. Bailey and Friends can help you with this. Simply call 585-332-1838 and they can add you to the account.

There is not enough space for me to fill answers. What can I do?

  • While it may not seem like enough space, we do limit the characters to encourage applicants to be brief with their narratives. This makes it easier for us to understand the overview of your program or project and allows us to share the most important details with the Board of Trustees.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • Applications are considered on a quarterly basis. After applications are submitted, they are reviewed by Bailey and Friends staff. Meetings and phone calls may be scheduled to discuss the application further. Organizations are notified, in writing, of approval or denial of the request within two weeks of the Board’s decision.

I am running a fundraiser for my organization, can Bailey and Friends be a sponsor?

  • Unfortunately, Bailey and Friends does not fund sponsorships for events.

Our organization needs a new coordinator for our program, can we apply for a grant to cover this?

  • Yes, we do consider applications for hiring staff positions. We suggest that you give a call to Bailey and Friends at 585-332-1838 prior to submitting your application to clarify.

Our organization is planning to launch a capital campaign, is this something Bailey and Friends might support?

  • Yes. Bailey and Friends considers capital projects given that the campaign fits within the guidelines of our focus area of cat and dog welfare and our geographic target region.

For more information or if you have any additional questions:
Please call 585-332-1838 or email Kaitlin Graham, Program Officer

Updated: 3/22/2021