A household pet can bring joy to a family, and in some cases, they make a family.


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What We Fund:

Financial support from Bailey and Friends focuses on several categories including: spay/neuter, quality shelter care, adoptions and foster care, emergency relief, therapy/companion training, community education on responsible pet ownership and other programs to ensure that dogs and cats have the chance to live healthy, happy lives in stable environments.

Bailey and Friends strives to improve the lives of dogs and cats primarily in underserved communities and rural areas where services are limited. Small ‘mom & pop’ operations with limited capacity to provide needed services are encouraged to apply.

As a new foundation financial resources for grants are limited. Our average award is in the $5,000 - $10,000 range, however, smaller and larger grants will be considered. Please call the office for further discussion before starting the online application.

Applications for programs, capital projects or community planning initiatives related to the field of animal welfare will be given consideration.

Community-wide strategies involving alliances/coalitions/collaborations that bring together the expertise and perspectives of various stakeholders; that can identify and grow best practices and effective programs; that are easy to replicate and share broadly with other communities will be given consideration.

Eight Qualities of Exemplary Proposals 

Decision Making Criteria:

When people say it can’t be done, Tom Golisano will not only find a way, he often finds a better way. He is a problem-solver. He is decisive, admires efficiency and directness, and engenders a sense of urgency, or a call to action to get down to work. He is thoughtful and thought provoking and is quick to get to the essence of often complex issues. Tom’s perseverance and unwillingness to live with status quo has driven him – and his foundation – to get to the bottom of issues and identify solutions.

Guided by our founder’s philosophy as discussed above, the Bailey and Friends’ Review Committee exercise their responsibility to be discerning as to the true purposes of any grant request by assessing the following:

  • Is the applicant’s presentation an honest one, or is the organization asking for funds simply because they might be made available to them?
  • Is there a sustained, deep need for this project or proposal?  Does the proposal reflect a genuine priority of the applicant rather than being one of many programs it is currently juggling?
  • Is the project well thought-out; does it show strong justification in the budget proposal, not only for its initial phase but for its continuing operation?
  • Does the organization’s leadership have a good track record, and are those leaders expected to remain in place for some time into the future?
  • Are there better or more efficient ways to accomplish the same goal?
  • Have other sources of funding been sought?  Will our funding leverage further support of others?
  • Since Bailey and Friends’ involvement begins, rather than ends, with a gift, how will the ongoing success of the project be monitored and according to what criteria?  Is there a well-designed evaluation process reflecting the applicant’s commitment to getting results?
  • Has the applicant formed alliances with other organizations to advance mutual goals?  Does the proposal reflect a comprehensive strategy rather than a piecemeal approach?
  • While it might not apply in all cases, is there evidence of the entrepreneurial spirit, approach and action?  Does the proposal promote meaningful social change, ignite passion, encourage risk-taking and innovation?

Eligibility / Limitations
The requesting organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization whose programs meet the Bailey and Friends’ philanthropic priorities. Bailey and Friends does not contribute to endowments, fund raising events or sponsorships, individuals requesting grants, medical research or municipal programs.


  • Applications are considered on a quarterly basis at the January, April, July, and October Board meetings. Submission deadlines for the upcoming meetings are as follows:
    • March 15, 2024 – To be considered at the April 2024 Board Meeting
    • June 15, 2024 – To be considered at the July 2024 Board Meeting
    • September 15, 2024 – To be considered at the October 2024 Board Meeting
    • December 15, 2024 – To be considered at the January 2025 Board Meeting

Geographic Target Area

The Golisano Foundation's geographic target area includes Region 1 (combined Western NY and Finger Lakes Regions) and Southwest Florida in Region 9.


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