Move to Include Awards

The Golisano Foundation Move to Include Awards are given to those who both "believe" and "act" in the purest realm of the essence of "move to include." It is an award that challenges its very name.

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2023 Recipient

Presented to Dalmath Associates CEO Jean Dalmath and VP Amanda Antinore on April 26, 2023 for the firm's extraordinary partnership, starting on a journey together with the Golisano Foundation to build a more inclusive society for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dalmath Associates' expertise in public relations and communications, positioned the Golisano Foundation as the preeminent supporter of services for people with IDD by effectively articulating our mission for social justice in all facets of everyday life – access to quality health care, the opportunity for sport, recreation and fitness, pre-vocational training and employment, educational supports, independent living, creative arts, and friendships. Read more

2019 Recipient

Presented to Allen Wong, DDS, EdD, DABSCD, on October 28, 2019. Dr. Wong, who practices dentistry in San Francisco, California, is a widely-recognized expert in special care dentistry, with more than 25 years of experience caring for with people with special needs. He has been working with Special Olympics and Special Smiles for 20 years and was appointed a global clinical advisor of Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Special Smiles program in 2016. Dr. Wong traveled to the Abu Dhabi to train local dentists for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games, which drew more than 7, 000 athletes from 175 countries. Read more

2018 Recipient

Dr. Matt HolderPresented to Dr. Matthew Holder, an international leader in the care of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) at this year’s annual American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry’s (AADMD) One Voice Igniting Change Conference, which was held in Rochester, NY. Ann Costello, Director of the Golisano Foundation said, “Matt is a gifted doctor who epitomizes the characteristics of the Award every day in his work, life and professional associations. Throughout his career he has demonstrated that inclusion is never an afterthought or a “do over” effort in social justice. He understands that true inclusion is not something created through a mission statement, a tagline or a bumper sticker.” Read more

2018 Recipient

Rick RaderPresented to Rick Rader, MD, Co-Founder, American Association of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry and Director of the Morton J. Kent Habilitation Center at Orange Grove Center, June 29, 2018 in Seattle Washington at the AADMD One Voice Conference to reverse the healthcare disparity for people with IDD. One Voice brought business leaders and IDD professionals together to ignite change. It marked the beginning of the USA Special Olympics 2018 National Games. Dr. Rader is engaged as a medical futurist - predicting the future medical problems of people with neurdevelopmental disabilities. He is cross trained in internal medicine and medical anthropology. Dr. Rader “believes and acts” in the purest realm of the essence of “move of include," believes in “sanctity, value and merit of “together,” and knows that “together” transcends inclusion. Read more

2015 Recipients

The awards were presented October 15, 2015 at the Foundation's 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Julie J. Christensen, PhD, LMSW Julie J. Christensen, PhD, LMSW

Director of Employment Programs for the University of Rochester Medical Center, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, for expanding workforce development opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities through the Project Search program and other initiatives. Read more

Rick Guidotti Rick Guidotti

Founder and Director of Positive Exposure for his work internationally in raising public awareness and educating people to understand and see the beauty in human diversity and our shared humanity. Read more

Daniel M. Meyers Daniel M. Meyers

President of Al Sigl Community of Agencies, for a lifetime commitment and achievement on behalf of people with intellectual and other disabilities. Read more

Martha Mock, PhD Martha Mock, PhD

Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Innovative Transition at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education for increasing college options for students with intellectual disabilities. Read more

xJoseph A. Ruffalo Joseph A. Ruffalo

President and Chief Executive Officer of Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for providing innovative community-based integrated health services for people with intellectual disabilities. Read more

Shirley F. Szekeres, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Shirley F. Szekeres, PhD, CCC-SLP

Director of the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute at Nazareth College, Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and former Dean of the School of Health and Human Services for her commitment and contributions to educate and train the next generation of health clinicians and human service professionals to serve people with disabilities. Read more

About the Award
An Award that challenges its very name

Move to Include Ilogo
Samuel Beckett, the novelist and poet observed, “Words are all we have.” If that is true then we need to be mindful of those we use.

The disability field is fond of the word “include,” believing it refers to society embracing and celebrating value in human diversity.  The reality is that the word is derived from the Latin word meaning “to shut in, enclose.” It can mean to “make room for,” “take into account,” “work in,” “accommodate,” and “admit.” All of which, does not describe the Golisano Foundation’s Move to Include Award. 

This Award is not given to individuals and organizations that strive to “fit people in,” and “make room” for people with intellectual disabilities. The Award is not intended to honor the movement to include people despite their disabilities; and certainly not because of their disabilities.

The Golisano Move to Include Award was designed to demonstrate that inclusion should never be an afterthought, a “make room” effort or a “do over” effort in social justice. The Award points out that in our society there are individuals and organizations that understand that inclusion, true inclusion is not something that is created through a mission statement, a tagline or a bumper sticker. The Move to Include Award celebrates the “movement” - the arduous and tenacious movement  -  that strives to embrace people, not as an afterthought, and equally important to move the psyche of individuals, systems, communities and societies that will one day eliminate the need to offer awards noteworthy for succeeding in “allowing people; people with novelties” to be welcomed into the fold. 

We do not learn anything by simply “including,” “allowing,“ or “permitting” others to live and work alongside of us. We do not profit or grow by “accepting,” or even “welcoming” people with disabilities.

We, as a neighborhood, community and society learn, grow and profit by “believing” in the sanctity, value and merit of “together.” The essence of “together” transcends “inclusion.”  The Golisano Award belongs to those who believe that being together, not by mandate, statute or fiat; is the only way we can benefit from the joys, challenges and perspectives that “believing in being together” can be promoted and realized. 

The Golisano Move to Include Award is given to those who both “believe” and “act” in the purest realm of the essence of “move to include.” It is given in the hope that the understanding of “include” can be elevated, promoted, ingrained and demonstrated at the highest levels of human behavior.

Award narrative written by Rick Rader, MD, Co-Founder, American Association of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry