Other Companies

"I think it's real tough for anybody to go out and start a business in a world he knows nothing about."

Based in Buffalo, NY, Bak builds technology products, including computers and tablets, for customers around the world.

Based in Victor, NY, Cognivue was designed to measure a patient’s early clinical risk score  objectively, quantitatively and reliably. It allows you to preserve a patients’ cognitive health by establishing a baseline cognitive risk score that can be monitored over time. It is the first cognitive test cleared by the FDA for patients over the age of 55. 

Greenlight Networks
Based in Rochester, NY, Greenlight builds its own fiber connections for clients, providing an extremely fast and affordable Internet service for a wide range of customers.

Line 5
Line 5 partners with automotive dealers to finance vehicle protection plans for Automobiles, SUVs, Trucks and more, sold through the dealers.

TrueFrame is an independent third-party inspection company that believes truth, transparency, and accuracy are vital components of a vehicle purchase. The Company’s goal is to inform automobile dealers and retail customers of prior repairs and present – sometimes hidden – damage to the exterior cosmetic components of vehicles.

Zoom Tan
With locations throughout Florida and New York, Zoom Tan provides clients with the highest level of tanning at affordable prices.